BDP Concept

Thomas Rulence | Landscape Architect

Thomas, talent with tempo

BDP Concept

Samba, Cha-cha-cha, Rumba, Paso Doble… Whether he is expressing his talent on the dance floor or through designs for terraces and gardens, Thomas is meticulous in his work and leaves nothing to chance. His attention to detail makes all the difference. Thomas artfully combines the highest of standards with flexibility.

When he is not dancing his way through Europe to participate in international dancesport competitions, Thomas practises two to three hours a addition to working as a landscape architect. This young champion has no qualms about dedicating himself wholeheartedly to his two passions, though it does make for a busy schedule. How does he do it all? His secret is boundless energy and the desire for a job well done in all circumstances.

Thomas started out as an intern at Atelier des Jardins in 2004 after graduating from the Gembloux school in Belgium and quickly became an essential part of the team at our Lyon-based firm. After being hired as a landscape artist, he created numerous projects including residential gardens, rehabilitation of green spaces, and urban renewal. Thomas is now a part of the BDP CONCEPT team, where he contributes his enthusiasm and expertise to create gardens and landscapes. He also specialises in small spaces such as terraces; he excels in the art of tiny details that change everything.

From his native region of Burgundy, Thomas has kept a love of nature and wooded areas. Don't try to convince him to cut down trees, he will always find a way to avoid it.

At once energetic and concentrated, perseverant and creative, Thomas always finds the right tempo for combining the impossible.

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