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Reda Zaari Jabiri | Landscape Engineer

Reda, a young talent in full bloom

BDP Concept

Reda talks about his profession with a great degree of tenderness, respect, and above all, modesty. He considers himself lucky and truly privileged to work as a landscape engineer, a job which is anything but commonplace in Morocco! This gratitude pushes him to excel in every project he creates, with a poetic, virtuosic rigour: "Creating a landscape is an art!"

He always dreamt of coming to Marrakesh, "the magnetic city," as he describes it. For the city's beauty, the splendour of its environment, and for the challenge it represented for him. "In my opinion the most beautiful landscape projects are created in Marrakesh. I wanted to come here to draw interesting things for large-scale projects," he explains simply. He was impressed by BDP Concept and its philosophy and he applied to work with the company. Bernard knew he would be a perfect fit right away and offered him the job almost immediately! "I remember the first time I saw Bernard, it was a Wednesday. And I started the following Monday," says Reda, with his characteristic attention to detail.

He is precise and naturally concentrated, but this does not mean that he is not creative: this genius truly loves drawing and letting his imagination guide him, letting his inventiveness run free in order to find JUST the right idea, "for the right place, at the right time," he explains. His dual nature is perfect for developing projects: great inspiration and a high degree of technical skill!

Like Taïb, he graduated from the Hassan II Institute of Agronomics and Veterinary Medicine, where he specialised in landscape architecture. They share the same passion for their profession, the same generosity as a guiding principle in life, and the same sense of honesty. What is his driving force? To live up to his personal expectations (and they are high!) as well as those of others, to learn from those who are more experienced than he is, and to always come up with even more beautiful ideas...

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