BDP Concept

Jérôme Simon | Landscape Designer

Jérôme, a real talent and a dry wit

BDP Concept

He has a piercing gaze and the face of a young Hollywood star but don't let that fool you. Jérôme is no newbie and has more than one feather to his cap. This landscape designer has worked closely with Bernard for over ten years and never shies away from a challenge...

He holds an HND in Landscaping, has completed a training course in marketing and business management, and is highly skilled with graphics software. He may seem quiet and reserved, but Jérôme is a real go-getter with a sense of ambition. He is a technician at heart and realised soon after earning his degree that he preferred working in the design office than in the field. He specialises in modelling and computer graphics and is unparalleled at providing a first glimpse of projects.

Jérôme, a proud native of Villeurbanne, began his career in Lille as a 2D and 3D design manager. Though he gained valuable experience up north, he soon returned to Lyon for a position at GREEN CONCEPT.

Jérôme has remained loyal to his home city and to Bernard as well, accompanying him in his bold venture to develop a product he truly believed in: natural swimming pools throughout Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. And then they embarked on the BDP CONCEPT journey together...

Since Jérôme is passionate about nature and biodiversity, he can only approach his profession with these sustainable development values in mind and he has a gift for being persuasive in a natural way.

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