Taïb Rami | Landscape engineer

Taïb, meticulous generosity

When Taïb talks about his profession it is with a broad smile that speaks volumes about his passion, enthusiasm, and diligence. Following the example of his sun-filled country, Taïb brightens projects with his joyful professionalism, "with courage and modesty," as he explains.

Originally from a small village near Tangier, in northern Morocco, Taïb moved to Marrakesh in order to develop BDP's Moroccan branch with Bernard. Taïb has discovered much more than just a new language and landscape in this southern city. He has discovered a new way of working, the "boss that everybody's looking for," and BDP CONCEPT's overall philosophy... human values that align with Tab's friendly and conscientious nature.

He holds a degree in General Agronomics from IAV Hassan II, with a Horticulture - Phytiatrics - Landscaping specialisation. He graduated in 2008, earning the title of Landscaping Engineer. He began his professional career working for a landscape architect, then worked in Créachi, a design office, where he further developed his skills. Taïb then replied to a job advertisement posted in Marrakesh by a Frenchman of Belgian origin. He decided that "This is the person I want to work with from now on." This mathematician is a real go-getter, known for his steadfast determination and willingness to take on challenges. And so he has joined forces with Bernard, Thomas and Jérôme…

With a healthy dose of ambition, Taïb has a freshness inspired by the spirituality embedded in his culture: he approaches his profession as a calling, in which he feels rewarded for planting trees for the benefit of the earth and humanity. There is nothing naive about this vision: Taïb loves the concrete and beneficial aspect of his expertise and is disarmingly genuine.

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