New website : 179 planted trees ! | April 18, 2017

Reforest’Action operation

The spring came, our seed germinated, and our new website is ready.

On this occasion, and faithful to our values, we decided to act for the Man and the Environment by planting new trees in France.

So, we launched the operation :

One click on our new website = One euro given by BDP concept for the benefit of the social enterprise Reforest' action, specialized in reforestation in France and around the world.

Successful challenge: 179 planted trees

During this period, you were approximately 500 to go on our new website, what generated a 500€ donation for the benefit of Reforest' Action.

Thanks to your visit, 179 trees are going to be planted in France.

This operation is a part of reforestation projects of the social enterprise.

Their purpose is to restore degraded forest plots due to natural disasters, fires, diseases, or to reclaim agricultural and industrial wasteland.

They are realized in partnership with nursery gardeners and actors of the forest and wood industry in France.

An eco-citizen approach

Thanks to the support of companies and individuals, the social enterprise " plants about 700 000 trees a year in France, in Senegal, in Haiti, in Peru, in Spain and in the United States. By planting a tree with Reforest' Action, you act on the climate, biodiversity, the living conditions of populations in trouble, for yourself, the others and future generations. "

Do you wish to join the adventure?

You are a company or a private individual, you want to act for the environment in a concrete and effective way, address in :

For more information, visit the Reforest' Action website.